Zuharrin is the primary villain featured in the Crimson Talisman novel. He is a member of the Emerald Claw and desires to capture both Vaddi d'Orien and Erethindel. He is described as being dressed in a flowing robe the colour of night which shimmers and ripples. His head is elongated to the point he looks insect like and his eyes are like the orbs of a demon.


He desires to capture Vaddi and Erenthindel so that he can summon the demon T'saagash Mal from Khyber so that he can change the world. He had his men infiltrate Anzar's army and force Cellester into an oath to serve him. He would later use Cellester to betray Vaddi. He was killed by Cellester in Azzahareb.


The alignment of this character is never officially documented and the alignment given is an educated approximation by this wiki.

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