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Zu'Lerr (950 CY - ) is the current leader of the Twilight Walkers clan of the Cold Sun Tribes of lizardfolk. She is the eldest daughter of Ja'zhart. Since opening up trade routes with the civilized settlements of Q'barra the Twilight Walkers have enjoyed wonders many of the other lizardfolk clans have come to envy. Zu'Lerr carefully balances keeping the other clans away from envious thoughts, while providing enough for her own tribe to appreciate her efforts. It is a razor-thin line that she masters daily. A student of her father's philosophies of diplomacy and peace Zu'Lerr is far more cosmopolitan than any of her fellow tribes rulers. She is often chided for this in private from other tribes, but none dare call into question her authority publicly knowing that her ties with the civilized settlements is strong and it is only through her that they have access to superior weapons and armor.

Notes: Lizardfolk, Ruler