Size small city
Country Zilargo
Local Ruler Council of Nine
Population 6,170
Human %
Half-elves %
Gnomes %
Elves %
Changelings %
Other %
Asset Limit 15,000 galifars

Zolanberg is a small city in the Seawall Mountains of Zilargo. It lies at the eastern end of an east-west Orien trade road and is one of two major stops for the Lightning Rail in Zilargo, the other being Korranberg.


The gnomish city of Zolanberg was built on the foundations of a Dhakaani city, whose name is lost to history. The city was abandoned by the hobgoblins during the Daelkyr War thousands of years ago. The gnomes occupied the abandoned city and gleaned the knowledge of magic, engineering and architecture that the Dhakaani had left behind to build the city that still exists there today.


Zolanberg is primarily a mining town. Its elevated location up in the Seawalls is not a coincidence, and there is a vast web of gem mines surrounding the city.

Dragonmarked HousesEdit

House Kundarak protects Zolanberg's gem inventory in a huge vault within the city. House Tharashk operates a significant operation in the city via the Prospector's Guild and recently built a large new facility. Other dragonmarked Houses also have a presence in Zolanberg, including Sivis message stations and, of course, the Orien Lightning Rail station.

Lightning RailEdit

Destination Distance Travel Time 1st Class (5 sp/mi) Standard (2 sp/mi) Steerage (3 cp/mi)
Korranberg 300 miles 10 hours 150 gp 60 gp 9 gp
Sterngate 386 miles 12h, 52m 193 gp 77 gp, 2 sp 11 gp, 5 sp, 2 cp
Starilaskur 755 miles 26h, 10m 377 gp, 5 sp 151 gp 22 gp, 6 sp, 5 cp
Wroat 1694 miles 58h, 28m 847 gp 338 gp, 8 sp 50 gp, 8 sp, 2 cp
Sharn 2167 miles 75h, 14m 1083 gp, 5 sp 433 gp, 4 sp 65 gp, 1 cp
  • Note: travel times include 1 hour lay over at each station, and are based on speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • Note: distances based on map at [1].
  • Note: times and distances may vary from charts found on pp. 20-21 of the Explorer's Handbook.


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