Znir, along with Stonejaw Keep, is the center of Gnoll power in Droaam. It is located to the east of the Scar River. Although its permanent population is relatively small, the Gnolls of Droaam gather here once every year to celebrate the renewal of the Znir Pact. There is a ruined statue of Yeehongu in the center of the town. Originally hundreds of feet tall, today only rubble remains, yet some say they can still feel a malevolent force in the ruins.

Cities of Droaam
Cazhaak Draal · Graywall · Graywall Outpost · The Great Crag · Grimstone Keep · Karthoon Tor · Lost · Mordain's Hall
Shaarat Kol · Stonejaw Keep · Suthar Draal · Thrakelorn · Turakbar's Fist · Tzaryan Keep · Vralkek · Znir

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