A zezir, from Monster Manual III
Avg. Height 5' - 5'6"
Avg. Weight 150 lbs.
Homeland(s) Fernia
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Magical Beast (Fire)
Advancement By hit dice
Source Monster Manual III, pg. 205

Zezirs are dinosaur-like creatures, with razor-sharp talons and claws. However, these creatures revel in flame. Desert hunters, the zezir enjoy the chaos of fire and live to set the world ablaze. Zezirs are native to the plane of Fernia, though they have crossed over to Eberron via manifest zones.[1][2]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Zezirs resemble certain dinosaurs, like the carver or the clawfoot. It possesses red striped skin, powerful rear legs, and small forearms that end in three-taloned claws. While they appear reptilian, zezirs are actually avian in nature.

Zezirs hunt in packs, communicating via a series of yips, growls, and whines. Both males and females participate in the hunt. They enjoy the hunt, as much as they enjoy creating fires. They eat ash, and spread fire as they delight in chaos and destruction.[1]


Zezirs can spew superheated flammable liquid from their mouths. They delight in using this liquid to spread fire. Zezir are immune to fire, vulnerable to cold, and their wounds can heal. They possess low-light vision and darkvision.[1]


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