User Contribution: This is a player created character.

Zevitash Aravaal is a Kalashtar Wizard migrant who moved from his home in Sarlona to Cyre during his childhood. Like most Kalashtar he worships the Path of Light religion. After the destruction of his new home he lived in New Cyre using his magic to help his fellow countrymen. He later moved to Fairhaven where he befriended his now closest companion, Artemis Redan. He worked as a vigilante in the city and brought low the menacing Hook gang. He later explored the ruins of Vor Rukoth in search of his old wartime ally Jask Redan. After successfully freeing Jask from the Machiavenne Usurpers he and his friends returned to Fairhaven to end the secret organization who held Jask captive.


Zevitash is currently a level 5 Wizard and a player character.


  • Artemis Redan
  • Feylanna of Fairhaven

Former CompanionsEdit


(998YK) Zevitash was contacted by Jask asking him to meet him at his new home in Fairhaven as he was needed for something urgent. Instead he was met by an elf women named Feylanna who claimed that Jask had gone missing. Zevitash teamed up with Feylanna and Jask's other allies, Prayer and Artemis. After some investigative work they learned that a local gang run by a bugbear named Yurdesh had something to do with Jask's disappearance. After many days of fighting and investigation they finally confronted Yurdesh and killed him. They learned of a ruin in the North named Vor Rukoth and were informed that Jask and Brekker had been taken there.

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit

  • Survived the Day of Mourning
  • Eliminated the Hook gang
  • Killed Yurdesh
  • Killed Wilm Luxart
  • Killed Tar Ewer
  • Survived Vor Rukoth