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Zeth Korrenheim
Aliases Gerbo Humptyback
Home Stormreach
Gender male
Race gnome
Class artificer
Alignment LN

Source: private campaign, p.


Zeth Korrenheim originally travelled to Sharn from Korranberg, where he had studied to become an artificer. He joined a group of adventurers, including Aram d'Cannith, Monk (a warforged), and Ashabal.

He has since become one of the premier artificers (17th level) on Khorvaire, if not the world. He has three elemental grafts, all fire, which include his eyes, skin and hands.

He is the lieutenant of Aram d'Cannith, who has usurped authority at what he now calls Cannith Xen'drik, a fourth part of the house, though he has close ties with Merrix.

Zeth also maintains a fiercely independent barony on the eastern edge of Droaam, called Makkar, which is ever imminent danger of being overrun by monsters, despite the Daughters of Sora Kell giving a more or less begrudging blessing on its existence in exchange for Cannith Xen'drik opening shop in the Great Crag.


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