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Country Shadow Marches
Local Ruler Various Clan Chiefs and Warlords
Population 5,960
Orcs 55%
Humans 25%
Goblins 7%
Half-orcs 5%
Other 3%

Zarash'ak, "the City of Stilts," is a small city in the Shadow Marches. It is the unofficial capital of the region and largest settlement. There is no official government in the city though House Tharashk maintains a large amount of influence. The city is the major port of western Khorvaire, made more important because of the large number of Eberron dragonshards in the Shadow Marches region. The clans and tribes of the Shadow Marches, numbering over two dozen, come to Zarash'ak for trade and gather there for religious rituals, such as the Great Feast of Baaldra (Boldrei).

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