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The mysterious continent of Xen'drik is a massive landmass that exists south of the continent of Khorvaire, beyond Shargon's Teeth and Thunder Sea. It has recently begun to be explored by agents of the Four Nations in hopes of making profit from the relics found there amongst other natural resources.

Hidden within the wild and untamed land are the desolate ruins of the ancient Giant Civilization. After battling the Quori the Giant Civilization was destroyed by the Dragon population of Argonnessen when they attempted to use their highly advanced devices to put down a elven slave revolt.

Aerenal Elves trace their origins to Xen'drik in the long forgotten past.

Xen'drik is now a continent mostly inhabited by drow, and degenerate Giants. It is a wild and untamed place with fabulous eldritch machines along with unimaginable treasures. It is still largely unexplored.

South of Xen'drik is the land mass of Everice .

Nations and RegionsEdit

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The jungles of Xen'drik dominate the north-east of the continent.

The deserts of Xen'drik cover most of the north-west of the continent.

The mountains of Xen'drik are scattered thoughout the continent, however they are most extensive near the border of the icy waste.

The icy waste of Xen'drik are found along the southern coast of the continent.

The Ash Cauldrons | The Bluespine Peaks | Dar Qat | Dowron's Shield | Dread Lake | Fangs of Argarak | The Hydra | Kapaerian Island | Marsh of Desolation | Mel-Aqat | Obsidian City | Pra'Xirek | Ring of Storms | The Scimitar Spires | Shargon's Teeth | Skyraker Claws | Sorrowdusk Island | Stormreach | Sun Pillars | Tal Esk | Tempest's Spine | Tharkgun Dhak | Three Barrel Cove | Throne Gate Ruins | Titan's Teeth | Valley of Shadows | The Wasting Plain | Zantashk

Originally a pirate hideout built among the ruins of a Giant Civilization the city of Stormreach has become the entry point for expeditions into the vast continent.

Races and CulturesEdit

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There are three main drow cultures in Xen'drik. The most common type are those who worship Vulkoor . The Sulatar and the Umbragen also have significant presences on the continent. Since the drow prefer to remain in isolation from other cultures, and because Xen'drik mysteries have barely been scratched, the strength and numbers of each of these cultures has not been determined. There are also reports of many other drow cultures. There are drow to be found in the mountains of Xen'drik who ride on the backs of wyverns. And there are drow in southern parts of the continent who wield weapons that seem to be made of ice. The details on these and many other drow cultures are unknown.


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80,000 years ago the Giant Civilization of Xen'drik rises from the ruins of the Dragon-Fiend Wars. Enslaving both Drow and Elf alike the Giant Civilization begins the process of pulling the common races out of their primitive states. Learning Arcane magic from the Dragons of Argonessen the Giant Civilization creates wonders that have yet to be equalled by any modern master.

The Quori invade Xen'drik 40,000 years ago through a planer gate connecting Eberron with Dal Quor, the Plane of Dreams. Calling upon the magic of the Dragons of Argonessen the Giants were able to destroy the planar gate. The cataclysmic event reshaped the continent plunging great sections into the sea.

What remains of the Giant Civilization never recovers from the war with the Quori or the cataclysmic destruction that followed the planar gate destruction.

The ensuing plagues and curses weaken the Giant Kingdoms allowing the Drow and elf slaves to rise up in open revolt. The Giant's again turn to the same Dragon magic used to destroy the planar gate but before they could release a second cataclysm the Dragons of Argonessen destroy what remains of the Giant Civilization.

The elven slaves flee to Aerenal and the Drow are scattered throughout Xen'drik.

Clans of Giants still live throughout Xen'drik where they have regressed to a primitive state.

Notes Edit

List of Humanoids


Primordial Giant

Jungle Giant

List of Animals

Dream Serpent

Tentacle Spider

List of "other things"

Alchemy Beetle


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References Edit

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