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Wystes, from Monster Manual II
Avg. Height 25' long
Homeland(s) Xoriat
Language(s) none
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Aberration
Size Huge
Ability Modifiers By hit dice
Source Monster Manual II, pg. 200

Wystes are huge alien worm-like creatures from the plane of Xoriat. They tend to hide in pools of slime and lunge out at unsuspecting prey. It is unknown if wystes are native to Xoriat, or were created by the daelkyr.[1][2]


Wystes are typically 2' in diameter, and 25' long. They have translucent skin, revealing twisted strands of pulsing organs underneath. Wystes have no faces, but rather a frontal sucker hole with long claw-tipped tentacles.[1]


Wystes have the ability to lunge large distances (up to 15') and grapple their prey, using their claw-tipped tentacles. They then proceed to eat at their prey with their sucker holes until their prey is devoured.

Wystes use their tentacles as sensor organs, and because of this have blindsight.[1]


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