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The Wynarn River flows northward from Lake Galifar emptying into the brackish waters of the Otharaunt Bay where it eventually dumps into the saline Eldeen Bay. The river forms a natural boundary between Aundair and the Eldeen Reaches. Many tributaries and streams feed into the Wynarn River from the western regions of Aundair and the Eastern regions of the Eldeen Reaches though its headwater comes from Lake Galifar.

The freshwater is a haven for many types of flora and fauna but among the most noteworthy is the Aundarian Salmon which make a yearly trek upstream from the Eldeen Bay to spawn in the freshwater areas along the banks of the Wynarn. Yearly Owl's Perch sees an influx in tourism from the salmon migration as expert fishermen come to try their hand at claiming an Aundarian Salmon. The salmon population also supports the local bear population and frequently bears and fishermen get into tussles over the rights to the salmon. Bears typically win and the yearly ritual has since become known as The Feeding of the Bears.

Several cities fall on either side of the banks of the river including Varna, Redleaf, Riverweep, and Owl's Perch in The Eldeen Reaches and Windshire and Wyr on the Aundairian bank. Each of these cities, in some way, can attribute their prosperity to the river whether it be by trade, fishing, or water based power.

Several small bridges have been constructed to allow safe passage across the rivers sometimes swifly moving current, the largest and most stable of which is the Golden Gate Bridge located in Riverweep. The bridge is constantly under construction and improvement by a merry band of gnomish tinkerers known as the Riverwatch Three. The bridge has undergone several sweeping renovations in its long history and is currently being rebuilt after Aundarian armies destroyed it in a paranoid step to prevent invasion from forces from the Eldeen Reaches during the Last War.

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