The Wu Jen Edit

Wu Jen are wandering arcane spellcasters with close ties to five elements of nature (fire, water, earth, wood and metal). Unlike the shugenja, wu jen rarely focus on one element over the other but instead seek a balance between all five elements and hope to gain greater insight and greater power through close study of the interactions between these forces. Wu Jen resemble wizards and other studied spellcasters in many superficial ways, but it is the spiritual and deeply personal focus that wu jen possess which seperates them from other arcane, as well as nature worshipping divine, spell casters.

Wu Jen in Eberron Edit

Wu Jen are natural travelers and hermits and so can be found quite literally anywhere in Eberron, though a significant number stay near the Eldeen Reaches, drawn to Lamannia manifest zones. Wu Jen do not form schools or colleges in order to pass on their knowledge but instead form a one on one student-mentor relationship with those who are drawn to the study of the elements.

There is no clear answer to the question of where and when wu jen began to emerge in Eberron, but many rumors surround the nature of the first practitioner. Some claim it was a exiled druid who sought a new connection with nature while others claim that an awakened animal was the first to unlock the secrets of the elements. Some scholars explain the absence of the element of air (one of the "classic" four elements) in the wu jen beliefs is due to the first mentor being a djinni who removed the element for its own protection.

References Edit

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