Wrogar ir'Wynarn (? - 920)

Wrogar was the fourth child of King Jarot ir'Wynarn and the older twin of Princess Wroann. He was succeeded by his daugther, Queen Wrella ir'Wynarn.


Prince Wrogar assumed his role as Governor-prince of Aundair in 892 YK.

Prince Wrogar was the only child of King Jarot present when his father died in 894 YK. The king named his eldest daughter, Princess Mishann of Cyre, his heir and made his son swear to support her and preserve the nearly 900 year rule of precedence for succession of the crown.

Prince Thalin of Thrane, Prince Kaius of Karrnath, and Princess Wroann of Breland refused to accept Princess Mishaan as Queen of Galifar. Wrogar declared himself King of Aundair in late 894 YK with the blessings of his older sister, who had now assumed the title of Queen of Cyre and United Galifar. He ruled until his death in 920 YK while hunting in the Eldeen Reaches. Foul play, while suspected, was never proven.

King Wrogar must have been about 45 or 46 years old at his death. He became Governor-prince of Aundair in 892 YK and would have been 18 years old at the time according to tradition, making his date of birth 874 YK.