122620 CN GL
Country Breland
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Local Ruler Governor Lord Konner ir'Starn
Population 80,870
Humans 30%
Gnomes 20%
Half-elves 15%
Elves 10%
Dwarves 8%
Halflings 5%
Changelings 4%
Warforged 2%
Goblinoids 2%
Other 4%

The city of Wroat is the political seat of power for the nation of Breland housing both the royal family and the royal parliament. The great walled city is built on opposing banks of the Howling River just before it flows into the Dagger River. The city also occupies a man-made island that sits in the middle of the river and it is here that Brokenblade Castle as well as the Citadel can be found.

Notable Features & Places Edit

Notable People Edit

References Edit

Five Nations. Bill Slavicsek, David Noonan, and Christopher Perkins (2005). Wizards of the CoastISBN 0-7869-3690-8.

Cities of Breland
Ardev · Argonth · Baran's Keep · Black Pit · Brey Crossing · Castle Arakhain · Cragwar · Drum Keep · Eastbrook · First Tower
Flint Keep · Fort Tansend · Galethspyre · Glyphstone Keep · Hatheril · Kennrun · Lurching Tower · Mistmarsh · Moonwatch
New Cyre · Nowhere · Orcbone · Ringbriar · Shadlowlock Keep · Sharn · Shavalant · Shining Valley · Starilaskur · Sterngate
Sword Keep · Torch Keep · Vathirond · Woodhelm · Wroat · Xandrar · Zilspar

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