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Wroann ir'Wynarn
Aliases Wroann, Princess Wynarn, Queen Wynarn
Home Breland
Gender Female
Race Human
Born not given
Age not given

Wroann ir'Wynarn (? - 919)

Princess Wroann was the fifth and youngest child of King Jarot ir'Wynarn and the younger twin of Prince Wrogar. She was succeeded by her son, King Kason ir'Wynarn.


Princess Wroann assumed her role as Governor-princess of Breland in 892 YK.

Prince Wrogar was the only child of King Jarot present when his father died in 894 YK. The king named his eldest daughter, Princess Mishann of Cyre, his heir and made his son swear to support her and preserve the nearly 900 year rule of precedence for succession of the crown.

Princess Wroann, along with her siblings Prince Thalin of Thrane and Prince Kaius of Karrnath, refused to accept Princess Mishaan as Queen of Galifar. Wroann declared herself Queen of Breland in 894 YK, soon after the start of what would come to be called the Last War. She ruled until her death in 919 YK.

Though she is sometimes said to have "succumbed to old age," she could only have been about 44 or 45 years old at her death. She became Governor-princess of Breland in 892 YK and would have been 18 years old at the time according to tradition, making her date of birth 874 YK.


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