385 WR Warforged-1
Winning Races: Alchemical Warforged
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #385
Date March 2010
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Game mechanics
Author Logan Bonner
Illustrator Tyler Walpole
Pages 76-79
Edition 4th ed.

You think I’m less alive because I had no blood at my creation. But I chose to gain it later, and the fact that I must seek the ingredients and mix it myself reminds me how much I should appreciate it. My alchemical blood allows me to better understand and relate to you meat people.

The magnificent living constructs called warforged demonstrate the ingenuity and skill of the races of the world. Their presence inspires more ingenuity, driving crafters to tinker with the magical and physical details of new warforged they create. The warforged themselves (at least, ones with arcane knowledge) are equally likely to improve themselves, making modifications they believe will best suit them.

The warforged who experiment with grafting volatile alchemical components into their bodies must be willing to risk great danger. A compound could limit the warforged alchemist’s control over his or her own limbs, create unforeseen side effects, or explode and damage the body. Only those who are certain of their arcane skills (or those of the person altering the components) dare become alchemical warforged.

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