The Windwrights Guild dominates the shipping trade of Khorvaire. It is the guild that brings Lyrandar its greatest prestige and honor; though arguably the Raincallers Guild has a bigger impact on the daily lives of the people of the five nations. Using its fleet of elemental-bound ships and airships, House Lyrandar is able to outpace and outserve other independent shipping companies.

However, many members of this guild are contracted with the house and are not even necessarily Khoravar. To be in the guild it is simply necessary to pass the requisite inspections and pay the guild dues.

Associated ClassesEdit

Artificer, Commoner, Expert, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Swashbuckler

Associated SkillsEdit

Balance, Climb, Knowledge (geography), Profession (sailor), Swim, Use Rope


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