The Windwrights Guild
Homebase Stormhome, Aundair

General Edit

The Windwrights Guild holds the shipping trade almost completely under it's control.
The core fleet of the guild is made up of elemental-bound vessels and airships of House Lyrandar,
crewed by heirs of the house, they provide speedy transport by water or air. The vast majority
of the guild are independent captains, most are neither heirs to the house or even half-elfs. To
be a member of the guild a captain must undergo regular inspections and pay dues. In return for this
tithe, the guild connects captains with customs and cargo shipments.

While many believe that the "accidents" that befall many captains working independent from the
guild have something to do with Lyrandar no investigation has ever been made. While they may just be
rumors many clients would rather not chance it and rely solely on the guild for shipping, in turn forcing
most captains to join the Windwrights. There is one group however who have boldly ignored the rumors,
perhaps due to their long-standing tension, the sailors of the eastern seas of the Lhazaar Principalities.

References Edit

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