Environment: The clearing itself has normal
outdoor lighting, but the forest seems unusually dark.
During the daytime, characters with normal vision can
see only 40 feet (with another 40 feet of shadowy illumination)
unless they bring their own light source.
Even in winter, the leaves and branches of the
Whisper Woods rustle ceaselessly, imposing a –5 penalty
on Listen checks within the forest.
The weather at Whisper Rock is normal for the
area, except that the air in the Whisper Woods is
always 10 degrees colder than elsewhere. While snow
is rare in the rest of Aundair, it’s common within the
Whisper Woods.Terrain: The Whisper Woods is a medium forest
as described on page 87 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. The
undergrowth that covers most of the forest provides
concealment and costs 2 squares of movement to
move into. Forest Trails: The Whisper Woods is crisscrossed
with a network of trails seemingly as old as the
forest itself. The trails vary in width between 5 and 15
feet, with most of the wide trails spreading outward
from Whisper Rock like spokes. Regardless of their
width, all the trails take meandering paths through
the woods.Skull Cairns: Hundreds of black stone piles are
scattered throughout the Whisper Woods, most within
a few feet of a trail. Character who pass within 20 feet
of such a cairn automatically notice that each stone is
roughly carved into the shape of a humanoid skull.
Each skull cairn is the center of a permanent wild
magic effect, as described on page 149 of the Dungeon
Master’s Guide. The wild magic area extends 100 feet from
each cairn.The cairns also seem to attract game, and consequently
predators of both the natural and unnatural
sort. PCs who rest or camp near a cairn have a 25%
chance per hour of an encounter, rather than the usual
8% chance.Gnarl Valley: The home of the Gnarl tribe of
centaurs, Gnarl Valley is a treeless valley 2 miles
south of Whisper Rock. About a hundred centaurs call
the valley home, although between half and two-thirds
of the tribe is away hunting or patrolling the Whisper
Woods at a given time.
Most of the centaurs live in tall-roofed thatch huts
that surround twin teepees: one for Warchief Horgun
(centaur fi ghter 4) and another for Shaman Jalanatra
(centaur druid 5).
Characters who approach within a mile of Gnarl
Valley have a 75% chance per hour of encountering a
patrol of 1d4+2 centaurs. Horgun and Jalanatra both
partake of Whisper Rock’s prophecies, so it may be
diffi cult for even stealthy intruders to elude the centaur

d% Encounter Average EL
01–10 1d4+2 centaurs 7
11–13 1 warbound impaler (lesser battlebriar)* 7
14–23 1d3 araneas 6
24–30 1d4+2 boars (animal) 6
31–37 1d3 dire boars 6
38–42 2d4 krenshars 6
43–49 1d3 owlbears 6
50–51 1d4+2 satyrs 6
52–54 1d3 thorns* 6
55–58 1d3 wood woads* 6
59–65 1d3 assassin vines 5
66–75 1d3 centaurs 5
76–83 1d3 dire wolves 5
84–85 1d3 dryads 5
86–89 1d4+2 petals* 5
90–94 1 monstrous spider, Huge (vermin) 5
95–100 1d3 monstrous spiders, Large (vermin) 4 Treasure:There’s a 50% chance at any given time that a 6th-level treasure can be discovered HISTORY - Knowledge (local) CHECK:Whisper Rock to learn more about it.
DC 10: Whisper Rock is a ruin in the center of
the Whisper Woods of northern Aundair.
DC 15: Hostile centaurs and strange fey infest the
forest that surrounds Whisper Rock.
DC 20: It’s called Whisper Rock because the
monolith at the center of the forest foretells the future
of anyone who comes near.
DC 30: A creature of ancient power is trapped
beneath the rubble of Whisper Rock, and it’s whispering
for aid in escaping its prison.