The Warmage Edit

Warmages are often described as "arcane artillery", spellcasters capable of dealing huge amounts of damage to multiple targets. A warmage is rarely subtle in battle and while they are limited in the spells which they can cast, they put even the most heavy handed wizards to shame on the battlefield. Warmages are also proficient with a wider range of weapons than most arcane casters and use their unique Warmage Edge ability to deal even greater damage to their foes.

Warmages in Eberron Edit

As their name suggests most warmages found in Eberron today were trained and deployed during the Last War. Warmages were popular artillery and cavalry units, able to turn the tide of a major battle with a well placed Fireball or a quick Lightning Bolt.

Warmages were employed by many countries but it was the former nation of Cyre that was most famous for its larger number and better trained warmages. When the Day of Mourning occurred a great many of these militant arcanists were wiped out along with the most reknowned warmage college in all of Khorvaire. Despite this fact there are still warmages who remain in New Cyre as well as those who now sell their services to the highest bidder.

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