Source Complete Arcane
Health average
Martial average
Skill poor
Save will
Spellcasting special
Races human & half-orc
Alignment chaotic or evil

Unlike wizards or sorcerers who tap into arcane magic through the use of ritual and perscribed action the Warlock's very blood courses with magical energies. Energies that the warlock learns to tap into and invoke to provide a range of effects from flight to powerful eldritch blasts.

Special Abilities Edit

Invocations - a warlock does not prepare or spontaneously cast arcane magic as other spellcasting classes do, rather he possesses a repetoire of magical abilities which he empowers by tapping into the magical energies that suffuse his own body. As the warlock grows in power he learns more invocations and more powerful invocations.

Eldritch Blast - a warlock learns to channel the baleful magical energy in his body into a ray that damages foes. As the warlock grows in power the blasts become more powerful and the warlock can learn to control the blasts in a variety of ways including shaping it, and extending its range.

Damage Reduction - as the warlock grows in power his body becomes able to shrug off some damage and the warlock gains some degree of damage reduction.

Fiendish & Energy Resistance - at higher levels the warlock gains the ability to enter a trance where he gains fast healing as well as gains protection against two chosen energy types.

Imbue Item - at higher levels a warlock with appropriate item creation feats can create items even though he may not technically have the spell needed to create the item.

Warlocks in Eberron Edit

Warlocks in Eberron are not as prevalent as other spellcasters, but life in a magic suffused society is sure to produce a fair share of those who learn to tap into these arcane powers. Some speak of a small population of gnomes from Zilargo who have learned to tap into the power of the planes rather than inner magical energies as a source for their power. This could be a variation of the same magic used to bind elementals that has spread to a new technique but these claims are as of yet unconfirmed. It is said that these gnomes typically tap into Shavarath the Battleground and their eldritch blasts carry with them the sound of whirling blades.

Famous WarlocksEdit

Commentary on WarlocksEdit

If you have played a warlock write a short commentary on how playing the class worked or didn't work for you.

  • RFrenchJr - One of the players in my campaign is playing a gnome warlock named Zook and hence that is where the above mention of a population of gnomish warlocks comes from. So far it is working fairly well. I think as with any class you have to generate adventures that have challenges for the classes in the adventure and I've given several of these challenges to Zook, and he hasn't struggled too much to overcome them.

For more information regarding playing Warlocks and for specific game mechanics consult Complete Arcane p 5-10

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