A warforged raptor, from The Forge of War
Warforged Raptor
Avg. Height 10' length; 15' wingspan
Avg. Weight 1,250 lbs.
Lifespan Infinite (theoretical)
Homeland(s) Breland; Cyre
Language(s) Common
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Construct
Advancement By hit dice
Size Large
Source The Forge of War, pg. 157-158

Designed by House Cannith, the warforged raptor is an aerial version of the warforged. Like the warforged titan though, the warforged raptor is of limited intelligence. Warforged raptors fought during the Last War, though because of their mithril construction, were hard to make and a rarity in the field.[1]


After the creation and mass production of their warforged titans, House Cannith was looking for more constructs to sell to the Five Nations during the Last War. Under the guidance of the first Merrix d'Cannith, House Cannith began producing warforged raptors. These aerial constructs served as ideal counterparts to Aundairian dragonhawk squads and Thrane wyvern-riders. Because of this, the warforged raptors were sold primarily to Breland and Cyre

In order to enable it to fly, warforged raptors had to not only be infused with magic, but also designed from mithril in order to significantly decrease their weight. Because of this, warforged raptors were never put into mass production, and only a few hundred were constructed over the entire course of the Last War.

After the creation of the warforged, though, production of the warforged raptors ceased. Rumors exist that a handful of sentient warforged raptors may exist, created as prototypes by House Cannith.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

The warforged raptor is 10' long, and has a wingspan of almost 15'; with the majority of its length due to its elongated neck and beak-like head. It has four dragonfly-like wings, designed from leather stretched across a metal frame. These wings allow it to hover in the air, and can be used for a wing buffet attack. When on land, it stands on six insectoid legs. The primary material for its construction is mithril. While this makes the warforged raptor unusually light for its size, it also makes it more difficult to create due to the scarcity of mithril.

Like their warforged titan cousins, the warforged raptors have limited intelligence. They are capable of following orders and making rudimentary decisions in the field, but are not able to string together complex thoughts. [1]


Warforged raptors are aerial strafing machines, attacking enemy aerial units with fluid movements. They were designed to not only harry enemy air attacks, but to dive bomb both ground troops and defensive fortifications.

Early designed warforged raptors carried a large leather pouch slung under their body, which containing small boulders for bombing attacks. The pouch only held half a dozen boulders, allowing a raptor to make only six ranged attacks, or two full rounds of strafing. Later models incorporated additional magic in their construction that allowed them to carry pouches full of fist-sized rocks that magically grew into boulders as the raptor launched them. These later models had, for all practical purposes, an infinite supply of ammunition.

Warforged raptors also had resistances to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic attacks.[1]


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