Dragon Magazine 352-68
Dragonmarks: Warforged: Fierce and Furious
Publication Dragon Magazine issue #352
Date February 2007
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Type Game mechanics
Author Nicolas Logue
Illustrator Jon Hodgson
Pages 82-85
Edition 3rd ed. (3.5)
Series Dragonmarks
Preceded by Sorcerers in Eberron
Followed by Manifestly Strange

Warforged are a construct race, mass-produced for battle. Most warforged designed to perform a specific function share a uniform appearance, distinguished only by the ghulra (the symbol on the forehead of the warforged, each as unique as a human fingerprint). Some warforged are more distinct, however. Some are prototypes of designs later abandoned. Others are accidents created in flawed forges. And some warforged have modified their bodies in a quest for individual identity. By rolling on one or more of the following charts, you can generate idiosyncratic PCs or NPCs. In addition, you can distinguish your warforged from the crowd with a specialized component or even membership in a clandestine affiliation operating without the knowledge of Eberron's dragonmarked races.

All of the changes listed below are cosmetic and do not affect the way the warforged works, nor do they change how any effect works on the warforged.

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