Vulkoor is a god to the main cultural group of drow. Drow who worship him are referred to as Vulkoori. More than a few academics believe that Vulkoor is actually the god known as the Mockery. This view is supported by the fact that a cleric of Vulkoor may choose from the same domains as a cleric of Mockery. However, the cleric's favored weapon is exchanged for the drow scorpion chain.

Vulkoor is represented in pictures as a handsom male scorrow or as a giant scorpion.

The way Vulkoori worship their god depends on what tribe they are a part of. Although there are many ways the Vulkoori understand Vulkoor, the most common way is as a hunter who looks after the drow people. These drow worship their god by being hunters who take care of themselves. They also honor their god by retelling stories of the great accomplishments of their god and his follows.


Secrets of Xen'drik (book)

Races of Eberron (book)

City of Stormreach (book)

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