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The Vhak Za'shata is an agreement come upon by King Sebastes ir'Kesslan of Q'Barra and Ja'zhart then leader of the Twilight Walkers a clan of the Cold Sun Tribes of lizardfolk. The agreement was struck in 970 CY. The agreement calls for an end of hostilities between members of the Cold Sun Tribe and those under the banner of New Galifar. It also establishes a system of open trade between the settlements and the lizardfolk. It grants protection of all Cold Sun affiliated lizardfolk in settlement areas as well as granting the same protection to settlers in Cold Sun lizardfolk areas. These areas are more tenuous and so this clause of the accord is rarely invoked. It provides for a mutual recognition of the two people groups and provides rules for expansion on both parts. It is landmark in that it is one of the first accords thought to be struck with an uncivilized race.

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