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Str:12 +1 HP:84 / 84
Dex: 16 +3 AC:20 (+2 Nat, +3 Dex, +5 Armor)Flatfooted:18 Touch:13
Con:- Init:+3
Int:27 +8 Fort:+4
Wis:24 +7 Ref:+5
Cha:17 +3 Will:+16
Race: Gravetouched Grey Elf Class:Deathwalker 3, Cleric 3, True Necromancer 2
Base Attack:+4 Align: NE
Base Melee:+5 Diety: The Blood of Vol
Base Ranged:+7 XP:
Attacks: Dmg Crit Rang
Rapier +3 1d6 +1 18-20
Comp Longbow +7 d8 x3 110
Feats: Flexible Mind, Craft Wondrous Item, Deadly Chill, Corpsecrafter Spell Focus (Necromancy) Multiattack, Mother Cyst, Least Dragonmark of Death
Flaws: NonCombatant, Elven Pride of Arms
Skills Rank Mod Total
Appraise 0 8+2 10
Bluff 11 3 14
Concentration 11 3 14
Craft (Alchemy) 6 8 14
Craft (Autopsy) 6 8 14
Decipher Script 11 8 19
Diplomacy 0 3+2 5
Disable Device 11 8 19
Disguise 0 3+2 5
Forgery 7 8 15
Intimidate 0 3+2 5
Knowledge Arcana 11 8 19
Knowledge Dungeoneering 10 8 18
Knowledge Planes 10 8 18
Knowledge Nature 1 8 9
Knowledge Religion 11 8 19
Spellcraft 11 8+4 23
Sleight of Hand 0 3+2 5
Survival 0 7+2 9
Use Magic Device 0 3+2+4 9
Special Attacks and Qualities
Bite Attack: +5 (1d6+1) Claw Attack: +5 (1d4+1)
Ghoul Fever (Su): Disease—bite, Fortitude save DC17 , incubation period 1 day, damage 1d3 Con and 1d3 Dex.
An afflicted humanoid who dies of ghoul fever rises as a ghoul at the next midnight. A humanoid who becomes a ghoul in this way retains none of the abilities it possessed in life. It is not under the control of any other ghouls, but it hungers for the flesh of the living and behaves like a normal ghoul in all respects. A humanoid of 4 HD or higher rises as a ghast, rather than a ghoul.
Paralysis (Ex):Victims hit by Tarius’ bite or claw attack must make a successful Fortitude save DC17 or be paralyzed for 1d4+1 rounds. Elves have immunity to this paralysis.
Turn Resistance+2 turn resistance
Undead TraitsDarkvision 60, Immune to (Mind Affecting, Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Stunning, Disease, Death affects, Critical, Nonlethal, Ability Drain, energy Drain, PHYSICAL Ability damage, fatigue/exhaustion, Fort Saves(Unless the effect also works on objects) ), Healed by Negative Energy, Uses CHA for Concentration checks, No death from Massive damage, Destroyed at 0, Do not eat, breathe, sleep.
Diet RestrictionFlesh/3days or DC15 Will save vs 2d4 Wis damage. Once satiated, regains Wisdom points.
Master of the Dead: Can control up to (Deathwalker Class level x5) HD of Skeletons and Zombies by making a Charisma check vs. DC (15 + HD). If the Deathwalker or his/her allies attack the target (before or after the check), it cannot be controlled. 2.Receives a –2 penalty on Fortitude saves vs. Negative Levels 3. Has pale skin, a low body temperature, &glassy-looking eyes.

Numbers in () indicate values that are enhanced by magic items
Spells Caster Level 9 +1 +1(Necromancy)
ARCANE Level Zero (DC 18 +1 Necro) 5/5 (4/day+1 (Necromancer)) : Level One (DC 19 +1 Necro) 6/6 (3/day +1(Necromancer)+2(bonus)): Level Two (DC 20 +1 Necro) 5/5 (2/day +1(Necromancer+2(Bonus)): Level Three (DC 21 +1 Necro) 4/4 (1/day +1(Necromancer) +2(Bonus)): Level Four (DC 22 +1 Necro) 0/3 : 5-8 +1 PREPARED Level Zero : Sonic Snap, Message, Mage Hand, Touch of fatigue, Open/Close Level One : Icy Dagger, Wall of Smoke, Benign Transposition, Spirit Worm, Grease, Summon Undead 1 Level Two : Glitterdust, Baleful Transposition, Summon Undead II, Scorching Ray, Combust Level Three : Grim Reaper's Scythe, Summon Undead 3, Fireball, Fly


Level Zero (DC 17) 5/5 : Level One (DC 18) 5+1/5+1 (3/day +2(Bonus)) : Level Two (DC 19) 4+1/4+1 (2/day+2(Bonus)): Level Three (DC 20) 2+1/2+1 (1/day +1(Bonus)) :

Death Necromancer PREPARED Level Zero : Detect Magic, Create Water, Fleeting Fame, Detect Poison, Amanuensis Level One : Heartache, Blood Wind, Necrotic Awareness, Summon Undead 1, Bane + Ray of Enfeeblement Level Two : Silence, Necrotic Cyst, Sound Burst, Hold Person + Command Undead Level Three : Clutch of Orcus, Frostbite + Animate Dead

Rebuke Undead 6/day +4 on check
Create Undead 1/day (ghoul)

Possessions: Tarius' Spellbook Rod of Frost Rod of Lightning Wand of Scorching Rayx22
Wand of Shield x10
Wand of Melfs Acid Arrow Eternal
Wand of Magic Missile x24
Scroll of Stoneskin Scroll of Blink Scroll of Fireball Scroll of Animate Dead Scroll of Stinking Cloud Scroll of fly Potion of Hide From Undead x10

Uncle Steve's Hat - And Contents

Assets: Graywall Morgue Money: ?
Familiar: Uncle Steve An enhanced Skeleton
Twilight Mithril Chain Shirt
Head Circlet of Intellect +4
Back Cloak of Arachnida Face Mask of Lies Ion Stone - Incandescent Blue Sphere +2 wis
Ion Stone - Orange Prism +1 Caster Level
Spells to Research

Lesser Monocle of the Ebon Hunter (Warforged Component)

check 1 /div


Vedim_ir'Omik was once the son of a noble family of Aerenal elves. His family, as well as the community surrounding him, regarded their dead ancestors as sacred and, in some cases, were able to use positive energy magic to bring back the spirits of ancestors deemed worthy. Tarius, however, was unable to grasp this form of magic. He spent months as a child, studying the magic, practicing the spells and rituals, to no avail. Unsure of what he was doing wrong, Tarius decided the only way to learn how to revive a spirit, was to learn how to destroy one. The next several years were spent in solitude, as Tarius performed experiments on woodland creatures, torturing them, leaving them dead or deformed. Yet he still could not grasp control of the magic! He needed a bigger subject for his experiments…
It was about this time that Vedim_ir'Omik' uncle, Steve died of mysterious causes. Being an unremarkable man, the town elders decided not to waste their magic reviving his spirit. Tarius took this opportunity and snatched the body, taking it back to his workshop to experiment on it. Tarius performed many experiments, replacing blood with embalming fluid, removing the flesh off the bones, and reinforcing the skeletal structure using various magic components. It took several more months, but Tarius was finally prepared to perform the ritual, to bring the spirit of his Uncle Steve back from death. Just before performing the ritual, however, a thought popped into his head. What would happen if he performed the ritual… in reverse?
Vedim_ir'Omik spent the next several hours rewriting the ritual… it all made sense now! He must have been doing it backwards all along! He began to perform the ritual, feeling power surging through him… he had never felt so… right. After completing the ritual, Tarius hurried to gather his family, as well as some of the community leaders. He brought them back to his lab, telling them what he had accomplished. The leaders were upset, as raising an ancestor without permission was strictly forbidden. They were on for a shock. Upon entering the laboratory, the skeletal form of Uncle Steve raised itself off the table it had been laying on, and moved towards Tarius, coming to stand behind his shoulder. Appalled, his father explained to Vedim_ir'Omik that this was an abomination, a misuse of magic and a disgrace to Uncle Steve. Some other community members joined in, infuriating Vedim_ir'Omik, who summoned up a wall of smoke and fled the town with his Uncle Steve.

Notes: Vedim_ir'Omik is treated as being a 7HD creature for all effects related to hit dice, but is still a 3rd level Deathwalker, 3rd Level Cleric, with the 7th hit dice being that of his Gravetouched Ghoul template.

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