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Vardaen ir'Avies (necromarncer) was born to a Karrnath noble family. His family owns a castle in northeast Karrnath. His family is well known for magical talent and necromarncy. He was raised in a castle full of necromancy magic and he soon picked it up. He leraned most of his magic for his mother Countess ir'Avies, and he also learned form her the ways of The Blood of Vol. He had little contact with childern, and the ones he did know did not like him very much because he was different from them. He was sent to Korth to get to know court politics. He learned fast and with his knowledge of magic and of nobles, he soon got in to the Twelve. As he studied in the keep he befriended Daren d'Thuranni. He soon meet Istaren d'Lyrandar and hated her when they first met. He hates her beacues he thinks that she is a know-it-all and he also hates that she has a dragonmark. After he finished his study he stayed in contact with Daren d'Thuranni.

Weapon: short sword

shoulder leath black hair

black eyes


Religon: Blood of Vol

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