User Contribution: This is a player created character.

Urik Von Kharkov is Darklord of Tepest. He has an unusual and complicated backstory, as a wolf who was polymorphed into human form by a wizard Morphayeus to use as a sleeper agent against his rival Selena. having forgot his animal self, Kharkov was sent to Karrnath to receive an education for use against Selena. Von Kharkov soon fell in love with Selena and she returned his feelings. when Selena was most vulnerable, Morphayus removed his enchantment and Kharkov, now a wolf tore Selena to shreds. He fled and was transported by the mists into Ravenloft, emerging in the realm of Darkon.

perhaps intrigued by Von Kharkov's mix of animal and human hungers and needs, the dark powers gave Kharkov his own domain.

Notes: Humans, Lycanthropes, Werewolves