Ulara d'Jorasco, matriarch of House Jorasco

Baron Ulara d'Jorsco (adept 6/dragonmark heir 5) spends most of her time at the House Jorasco headquarters in Vedykar, Karrnath and governs the House from there. She is very cultured and has little patience for the "more traditional" halflings of the Talenta Plains. She has done as much as any previous matriarch to maintain the Jorasco monopoly on healing and keeping religious organizations, especially the Church of the Silver Flame and Church of the Sovereign Host, largely out of the healing industry. However, she leaves most of the day to day affairs of enclaves across Khorvaire to her younger family members.

As the position of matriarch is chosen by the House membership in Jorasco, unlike other dragonmark houses, the House of Healing changes leadership much more frequently, but as the current matriarch, Ulara is much loved, and is unlikely to be unseated.


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