Tyrin Torralyn d'Sivis
Home Dreadhold, The Lhazaar Principalities
Gender Female
Race Gnome
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 10 (CR 10)
Class Bard 5/Dragonmark Heir 5
Alignment Neutral
Source Dragon Magazine issue #344

Lady Tyrin Torralyn d'Sivis is the head a corps of stonespeakers stationed at the House Kundarak island prison of Dreadhold. She oversees three speaking stones and a staff of sixteen gnomes for House Sivis. For the security of the prison, she maintains a permanent telepathic link with the prison's warden, Zaxon d'Kundarak, her aide Sarya, and Baron Odian Torralyn d'Sivis, an influential house-mate in Zilargo. While not working at the prison, Lady Tyrin lives in the nearby village of Gaolgate.[1]


  1. "Dreadhold: Eberron's Inescapable Island Prison" (June 2006) by Keith Baker and Jason BulmahnDragon Magazine issue 344. 

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