The Tryll are a creation of Mordain the Fleshweaver, which live in Kresht Rhyll. They are rodents and are quite adorable, straddling the line between rabbit and hamster; however, they also have poisonous flesh, a venomous bite, and an astounding reproduction rate that is only held in check due to the harsh conditions of the forest in which they are found.

Should a number of these creatures ever manage to spread to Breland or beyond, the menace they could represent is unfathomable. For this reason, both the Znir Pact and the Wardens of the Wood react violently to anyone found trying to smuggle them out.[1]

References Edit

  1. "Expeditionary Dispatches: The Forest of Flesh" (June 2008) by Keith BakerDragon magazine issue 364. 

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