Truenamer is base class that uses truename magic. A truenamer believes that the words she uses to change reality are from the language of the creator of the world. Because of this belief many truenamers revere a creator diety.

Their magic is considered a spell-like ability. And when they combine words together to change reality, their words are called utterances. Most of their utterances effectly work as buffs, debuffs, or crowd control. Also most of their utterances can be spoken in a way to reverse the normal effect.

Truenamers get four skill points per level, just like a monk or a sorcerer does. They also are skilled in learning about every type of knowledge, just like a wizard.

Truenamers have a moderate base attack, like a cleric. Though they have poor reflex and fortitude saves, more in keeping with a wizard's statistics.

The most interesting class ability of a truenamer is that, once at a very high level, they can choose to be sommoned when a person speaks their name.

One of the few places to find written knowlede of truename magic is in the city ruins of the continent of Xen'drik. And since Truenamers often are interested in finding more arcaic true magic information they have a keen motivation in going to Xen'drik.


Tome of Magic (book)

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