Size metropolis
Country Zilargo
Local Ruler Triumvirate
Population 27,500
Asset Limit 100,000 galifars

Trolanport was a Dhakaani city 10,000 years ago, but the gnomes built the metropolis that has become their capital on its foundations when the wars with the daelkyr caused a depopulation of the hobgoblins of the region.

The port city is designed on a canal system and is the center for gnomish shipbuilding of both the naval and aerial variety. Trolanport is also a center of trade for Khorvaire and one of the major departure ports for Xen'drik, Aerenal and Sarlona.

Dragonmarked HousesEdit

While all the Houses have a presence in this important city, House Kundarak, House Sivis and House Cannith have major enclaves in the gnomish capital. The House Cannith operation is under the direction of Cannith South, whose baron, Merrix d'Cannith, resides in Sharn.


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Cities of Zilargo
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