This organization is the antithesis of the Inspired organization, the Dreaming Dark. While the entire race of Kalishtar are opponents of the Dreaming Dark, they are at best loosely organized.

The Transcendent Light was established in secrecy 2000 years ago when many of their influential diplomats were murdered in Adar by agents of the Dreaming Dark. After this event, the remaining Kalishtar leaders decided to actively work to infiltrate and counter their enemy.

Since their strategy is to infiltrate, gather information, disrupt and sabotage, their structure is one of individual field agents and small operative cells. Only a few of those highest in the Kalishtar leadership hierarchy know all the operatives. These people are the strategists of the organization, loosely leading and letting the lower tiers of the Transcendent Light provide the tactics needed based on their evaluation. While this method has been slow to provide results, it has been effective in keeping with the objectives of secrecy and subversion. The Kalishtar racial traits of patience, lawful demeanor and diplomacy are well suited to this design.

Field agents are given a lot of latitude in pursuing their missions. They are well disciplined and trusted to use good judgment in the field. It is this level of flexibility which the leadership has credited with the organization's success. Double dealings have been few and dealt with quickly and harshly; in a lawful good organization there is little grey area.

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