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Tothban is a longtooth shifter from Sharn. He fought in the 33rd infantry of Breland with the reknowned unit, Wrogar's Regulars. He is now an adventurer and owns homes with his adventuring companions in Middle Dura, Sharn and the Sloths, Stormreach.

Little is known about his early life, but he served honorably, though without distinction, for Breland during the Last War. He saw combat in Darguun at the Battle of Skullreave, and the Ghaal River Massacre, as well as skirmishes near Seven Caves and Marguul Pass. He also served in Cyre at the Siege of Firehold and the Battle of Blackhill.

He was shipped, with his brigade to western Breland to fight Droaamish raiders on Crystalfall, 994 Y.K., 11 days before the Mourning.

Awards and CommendationsEdit


  • Jojo d'Jorasco, halfling bard
  • Ot, changeling rogue (a.k.a. Corporal Devlin Norfender)
  • Forneus, kalashtar psion

Associates and AcquaintancesEdit

  • Elaydren d'Cannith
  • Wrogarr Snowshale
  • Cayla d'Jorasco
  • Adam
  • Erix ir'Clarn, Baron Eastbrook
  • Arctaos Rho

Notes: Shifter, Soldier