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Torarg Blackhorn
Home Sharn, Breland
Gender Male
Race Minotaur
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 3 (CR 5)
Class Barbarian 3
Alignment Neutral Evil
Source Sharn: City of Towers, pg. 153

Torarg Blackhorn is one of the agents of Daask, a criminal organization within the city of Sharn made up of a number of monstrous races. Torarg Blackhorn reports to Cavallah, a female ogre mage, and the head of Daask within Sharn. Torarg is one of three lieutenants under Cavallah that oversee Daask's "military operations." [1]


  1. Sharn: City of Towers. Keith Baker and James Wyatt (2004). Wizards of the CoastISBN 0-7869-3434-4.

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