Tikulti is a character featured in the adventure Seekers of the Ashen Crown. He is a Doppelganger agent working for the King's Citadel by posing as a hobgoblin member of the Kech Volaar.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.
Tikulti's real name or gender is unknown. He once worked for Captain Saj Kalaes of the King's Citadel as a spy providing information on the Kech Volaar though, he is secretly a double agent working for Demise of the Emerald Claw. He accompanied the Kech Volaar into Six Kings and to Graywall. Soon after arriving he murdered Yeraa and the other Kech Volaar whilst they attempted to excavate the final piece of the Ashen Crown then proceeded to steal the pieces of the crown and raise the slain Kech Volaar from the dead. He then met up with Demise in Sharn.
End of spoiler.


Being a Doppelganger Tikulti can shape shift however, his hobgoblin disguise is described as having a tribal tattoos around his eyes and chin and to be carrying a distinctive bejewelled rapier.


Tikulti is a level 6 Elite Skirmisher and his full statistics can be found in adventure book two on page 60.


Tikulti has a set of +1 leather armour, a +1 rapier, 15 shuriken and a +2 falseblood amulet.


The class of this character is never officially documented and the class given is an educated approximation by this wiki that was based on the character's Sneak Attack ability.

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