117775 CN GL
Tiamat, from Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons
Aliases The Daughter of Khyber
Home The Pit of Five Sorrows
Gender Female
Race Overlord Dragon
Born 10,000,000 years ago
4th edition rules
Level 35
Role Solo Brute
Alignment Evil
Source Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons,
pg. 245

Tiamat is the draconic god of greed and power. It is also the name of a constellation in the skies of Eberron.

Also known as the Daughter of Khyber, Tiamat embodies the evil that lurks in the heart of every dragon and she has the power to corrupt dragons. Chromatic dragons are especially vunerable to her wiles, but any dragon can fall prey to her manipulation. During the Age of Demons, Tiamat was bound below Argonnessen. Tiamat has no exarch on the Council of Ashtakala; her cult - known as the Talons of Tiamat - works independently of the Lords of Dust.

She stirs in the Pit of Five Sorrows where she rouses the dark emotions in the hearts of dragonkind.


Constellation of Tiamat, by Anne Stokes


Cult of Tiamat, by Wayne Reynolds

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