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House Thuranni is an elven dragonmarked house throughout Khorvaire that was once part of House Phiarlan, but broke away from them during the Last War. Now they compete directly with Phiarlan, operating out of The Lhazaar Principalities with small enclaves in major cities across Khorvaire. The house first appeared in 972 YK, when a group of elves split off from House Phiarlan.

The House was originally one of many families under the House Phiarlan umbrella. Most of it history is that of House Phiarlan. But in 972 YK, when one of the lines of Phiarlan - the Paelion family - plotted to seize power from rulers of the Five Nations, and the rightful leaders of House Phiarlan. Agents of the Emerald Claw discovered the plot and told the leader of the Thuranni line. The Thuranni killed all the Paelion family in order to stop their plot.

However, the leader of the Thuranni line Elar Thuranni d'Phiarlan detached his family from the house and changed his name to Elar d'Thuranni. He formed his own house rather than give up his position as a viceroy of the oldest dragonmarked house. The people do not know if it was a trick by the Emerald Claw or the Chamber to split the house.


An unlucky pair of Lhazaar scouts discover a hidden Thuranni enclave, albeit a bit too late


House Thuranni possesses the Mark of Shadow.

4th Edition: In the 4th edition Eberron Player's Guide the Mark of Shadow can be taken as a feat which grants the player the ability to remain hidden or invisible when they attack. The player also learns a group of scrying and stealth rituals.

Notable Members Edit


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