A thri-kreen, from Monster Manual 3
Aliases Mantis warriors
Avg. Height 5'4" - 6'6"
Avg. Weight 180-240 lbs.
Homeland(s) Xen'drik
Language(s) Thri-kreen, sometimes Common
3rd edition rules
Creature Type Monstrous Humanoid
Advancement By character class
Size Medium
Ability Modifiers +2 Strength, +4 Dexterity,
-2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom,
-4 Charisma
Favored Class Ranger
Source Monster Manual II, pg. 195-196
Expanded Psionics Handbook, pg. 14-15
4th edition rules
Creature Type Natural humanoid
Size Medium
Ability Modifiers +2 Dexterity, +2 Strength or Wisdom
Skill Modifiers +2 Athletics, +2 Nature
Source Dark Sun Campaign Setting, pg. 22-23
Monster Manual 3, pg. 192-193

The thri-kreen are humanoids that look similar to a praying mantis. They are medium sized and their favorite environments are arid grasslands. As a general rule the thri-kreen like hot and dry weather.

A small number of thri-kreen live under Stormreach. Far more live in the Menechtarun desert.

There is solid archeological evidence that the thri-kreen long ago claimed Stormreach as their own city. They established their own structures withing the underground sections of giant ruins. What destroyed their civilization is totally unknown.

In modern day Stormreach, the thri-kreen make excelent guides for anyone wanting to explore the jungles or underneath the city. One reason for their aptitude as guides is their immunity to the Traveler's Curse.

Thri-kreen are hunters who revere nature. Their spiritual leaders are druids. They don't worship any gods. And they form strong bonds to a small number of individuals that they live with. Thri-kreen don't trust anyone outside of this small group of friends.


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