Thelestes, the Velvet Blade
Aliases The Velvet Blade
Home Ashtakala, The Demon Wastes
Gender Female
Race Succubus
3rd edition rules
Level (CR) 16 (CR 23)
Class Fighter 4/Rogue 2/Assassin 10
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Source Dragon Magazine issue #337

A member of the Bleak Council of Ashtakala, Thelestes, the Velvet Blade is one of the non-rakshasa members of the Lords of Dust. The embodiment of murder and death, Thelestes serves the Overlord Eldrantulku the Oathbreaker.[1]


The succubus known as Thelestes traveled to Eberron from Mabar, the Endless Night some 20,000 years ago, fleeing a feud with the ultroloths of that plane. Thelestes allied herself with the Lords of Dust, specifically Eldrantulku and her prakhulu, Kashtarhak. In exchange for freeing Eldrantulku from her bonds, Thelestes was promised vengeance against her ultraloth enemies.

A master of disguise and seduction, Thelestes has many aliases placed deep within House Phiarlan, House Thuranni, and a number of smaller thieves guilds. She spends her time as an agent of the Lords of Dust, reveling in playing apart in the corruption and death of the mortals around her.[1]


Thelestes is a stunning beauty with luxurious flowing red hair. When she wishes, large bat wings can unfold from her back, and her eyes glow red. She has fanged teeth.[1][2]


Like other succubi, Thelestes can drain the life from her victims, and enjoys doing so. She has the magical abilities to charm others, to polymorph herself into various forms, and to teleport. Like other demons, she can speak in tongues.[2]

Unlike other succubi that can summon other demons, Thelestes cannot. Instead, she has the ability to summon weapons by her side.[1]


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