Leader: Prince Koulton Brightwind

Seat: Blackrock, Orthoss

Not all of the Aereni refugees sought shelter in Fingerbones. The ones that did mingle with humans to create half-elves and they also fully embraced Lhazaar culture. The Island of Orthoss has become a haven for half-elves and members of House Medani and House Lyrandar over the centuries. With the members coming to the island their blood spread and so sometime a mark does appear on the children of the people of Orthoss.

Most of the people that get the Mark of the Storm join The Wind Whiperers. Members of this small principality are as wild and unpredictable as the wind itself. They often help travelers in distress, but are known for raiding or otherwise interfering with Lyrandar vessels.

The leader Prince Koulton Brightwind was born as Koulton d'Lyrandar and had the mark of storm but he ran away from House Lyrandar by stealing an air ship and going to the island of Orhtoss. House Lyrandar has put a price on his head, but Prince Brightwind has made arrangements with House Thuranni, and so far his head remains attached to his shoulders.

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