The Venom Lords
Homebase Droaam
Founded Over a thousand years ago.
Disbanded Currently in operation
Alignment Evil
Leader(s) Bal Molesh

The Venom Lords are a group of Tiefling Warlocks who form an influential power group in Droaam. Originally hailing from the nation of Ohr Kaluun in Sarlona, they fled their homeland long ago and found a new home in the desolate marshes south of Blackwater Lake. Here they practiced dark magic for thousands of years, forgotten by the outside world and ignoring it in turn, until their citadel was discovered by Sora Katra, who drew them out into contact with the outside world once more.

The tieflings of Droaam are not as deranged as their cousins in the Demon Wastes, but every bit as callous and calculating.