The Trust is a national, non-military organization charged with the safety and security of Zilargo and its people.

Although the gnomes allied with each other, this did not stop the feuds between the gnomes were having with each other. The feuds started to create problems for the new nation of Zilargo. So the Trust was created in order to keep the nation together. Each Triumvir was given the power to select agents from their own city to create a corps of secret police. These secret police place the interests of the nation above all else. The Trust soon got all control of law enforcement and national security. The Trust is the one that punishes the guilty, and its justice is swift and merciless. There is no court of law. Any Zil citizen could be an agent of the Trust and, thanks to that, Zilargo has the lowest crime rate on Khorvaire. The Trust acts only if something threatens society and they use blackmail and intrigue to destroy the threats.