The Tribunal of Thronehold was created by the Treaty of Thronehold. The Tribunal is a court that rules from the neutral island in a wing of Thronehold Castle. The Tribunal, on paper, has the power to smite the people responsible for the horrors of the war but this does not real happen. It was an after thought then the Treaty was sign and the person that help get it made because of Boranel.

Magistrates of the CourtEdit

The Tribunal is made up of ten magistrates, each one is form the treaty's signatory nations other then Q'Barra, which refused to recognize the court's authority, and Valenar which simply did not care. Magistrates from Aundair, Brelan, Karrnath, and Thrane hold the power of two votes each, while every other magistrate has one. It takes a majority for the court to agree to hear a particular case and to demand the appearance of an accuse war criminal, but it requires a 2/3 vote for a conviction and sentencing.

This is the roster of the Tribunal.

Adias Navel, Aundairian, LN female human Aristocrat 3

Berem Lann, Brelish LG male Haman aristocrat 2/expert 2

Crick, Lhazaar, LE male(?) Changeling expert 3

Evam Taralos, Thrane, LN male human Aristocrat 3

Imbrala Luun, Eldeen, NG female shifter adept 4

Imra Irandra, Talentan, NG female halfling fighter 3

Jalara Sholkaran, Zil, LG Female gnome beguiler 2

Syan Jarus, Karrnathi, LN female half-elf knight 2

Vhuklok Vant, Darguun, LE male hobgolin fighter 2

The Tribunal is given money by all the nations in order to hunt down fugitives and they are given 50 soldiers form each nations.

The Hall of JudgmentEdit

This is a refurbished area and is the seat of power of the tribunal. The first floor has audience chambers, dining rooms, kitchens, shrines to the Silver Flame and the Sovereign Host as well as the store of records and texts of the Tribunal. The Second floor is made of the living chambers of the magistrates, there soldiers and staff. The Top floor is fill with the courtroom. The war criminals are put in cells in the basement to wait sentence or transport and it holds the court vaults of evidence and emergency supplies and a hidden escape route for long-term sieges. every room is warded form scrying and Teleportation, and the courtroom itself can be shifted to become its own pocket dimension.