The Traveler
The Traveler
Aliases Giver of Gifts
Alignment CN
Portfolio Chaos, deception, evolution, invention, transformation.
Domains Artifice, Celerity, Chaos, Charm, Creation, Liberation, Travel, Trickery.
Favored Weapon Scimitar

The Sovereign of Chaos and Charm, The Traveler is unique in that it is not related to any of the other members of the Sovereign Host or the Dark Six. He is also said to be the only deity who walks the face of Eberron, but his many changing forms allow him to evade recognition. The Traveler is the patron of all those who embrace change including changelings, shifters, doppelgangers, and lycanthropes. The Traveler is known as the Giver of Gifts, but a famous proverb states to "beware the gifts of the Traveler".

Many in House Cannith secretly worship the Traveler, due to his governance over artifice.

The Dark Six
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