The Tears of Arawai is the second campaign for The Soul Forged Fellowship ran by Sirkavin. The campaign is set in Eberron and uses the 4th Edition rules set. The campaign's story is a blend of published modules and Sirkavin’s own story.

1. Characters

1.1 Current Characters

Hanter d'Lyrandar - Half Elf Bard

Varis ir'Atur - Human Sorcerer

Vaj - Half Vampire Druid

Chapel - Warforged Rune Priest

Idrien d'Orien - Human Swordmage

1.2 Former Characters


1.3 Character Journals


2. Plot

2.1 Act 1 - When Destiny Calls

The Mark of Prophecy (Adventure for 1st Lvl.)

Seekers of the Ashen Crown (Adventure for 2nd -5th Lvl.)

3. Important NPCs

3.1 Allies

Zimblewick Zora – Gnome Reporter

Dev d’Cannith – Human Mage-wright

Wotlok Surson – Human Inquisitive

Bren ir’Gadden – Half Elven Nobleman

3.2 Enemies

The Emerald Claw

3.3 Other


4. Important Locations


The Mournland


The Graymarsh



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