The Shadow
The Shadow
Alignment CE
Portfolio Arcane magic, consequence, corrpution, darkness, duality.
Domains Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Magic, Mind, Shadow.
Favored Weapon Quarterstaff

The Sovereign of Magic and Mayhem, The Shadow is the literal shadow of Aureon that attained sentience and godhood as a price paid by Aureon for arcane knowledge. A god of corruption, ambition and dark magic, the Shadow is the patron of evil spellcasters and many monstrous races throughout Droaam and beyond. Legend says if the Shadow and Aureon were reunited the age of civilized peoples would come to an end.

Typically depicted as a shadow, occasionally he is portrayed as a shadow dragon.

The Dark Six
The Devourer | The Fury | The Keeper | The Mockery | The Shadow | The Traveler

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