The party goes to the Red Hammer to find Breaker. They talk to a warforged named Ash who tells them to speak with Kyleis Tayla, an elf woman who lives in the Oak Towers district. Breaker went to speak with her. The party goes to her estate. She says she'll tell them where Breaker went in exchange for a favor. She wants them to return the marble hand of a statue stolen from her recently. Selktash is outside, gets into scuff with law. Rokester cuts rope. Baba barely saves Selktash's life. They turn themselves into law. Are in prison for three days.

The rest head to the district of Fallen to speak with Feyla, a priest of the Silver Flame at the Blackstone Church. She helps them identify the symbol on a thief at Kyleis' manor and they head into the raver territory. They get ambushed and hurt badly. They try to figure out what to do next.

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