Expeditionary Dispatches:
The People of Taer Valaestas
Publication Dragon magazine issue #362
Date April 2008
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Game mechanics
Author Keith Baker
Edition 4th ed.
Series Expeditionary Dispatches
Preceded by Crossing Valenar
Followed by The Walls of Taer Valaestas

In my previous missives, I have discussed the challenges you will face in your journey to Taer Valaestas. Now let us speak of what you can find when you pass through the bronzewood gates and into the seat of the Darkwood Crown.

The streets of Taer Valaestas are wide, and the buildings within the walls are spaced far apart. If you are used to the urban chaos of Sharn, you may find the open space disturbing; the space within the walls could easily support ten times its current population if it was fully built out. But the Tairnadal prize mobility. The streets are wide enough for warbands to move freely, and the narrowest alley is still broad enough to allow the comfortable passage of a horse and rider. After the space, you'll likely be struck by the greenery. Taer Valaestas was founded by a druid, who set his city at the heart of a manifest zone to Lamannia; it is this magic that sustains the great wall of thorns. It also encourages the growth of other plants, and the streets of Taer Valaestas are lined with grasses and wildflowers. These add color to the city and serve as provender for the Valenar horses -the magic of the manifest zone restores them at a remarkable rate. Many of the buildings within the city have rooftop gardens; despite the relatively small space, the energies of Lamannia allow these urban farmers to produce a surprising yield over the course of a year. The scent of the flowers helps conceal the smell of horse manure, but this remains a constant threat for pedestrians; if you are wearing footwear of any quality, you would be wise to watch your step...

Behind the ScenesEdit

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